Urban Remediation Project
in Charlottesville, Virginia

Read about the project.

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Backyard Sanctuary at
Sacred Plant Traditions

City site with compost stored too close to stream

Riparian area with
nitrogen burn

Stream created from excess nitrogen and resultant algae bloom

Testing Stream Quality

Obtaining Test Samples

The Test of dedication

Recording data

Looking for signs of life

Learning Principles of
riparian buffers

Hauling composted mulch

Father & son eco team

Building swales

Innoculating with king stropharia for myco-remediation

Teacher Christine Gyovai with nettles for nitrogen fixing

After source of contaminants were moved, the healing begins

As only herbalists can enjoy

Mushroom spore prep

Preparing logs for
Oyster Mushroom spores

Innoculating Logs

Sealing spores with beeswax

Student design project - to rehabilatate urban meadow

The urban meadow

Soaking cardboard to
begin sheet mulching

Sheet mulching with cardboard

Sheet mulch beds

Donated bench from Plow & Hearth

Spring goldenseal, cohosh,
trillium, bloodroot

Sacred Plant native gardens
in early spring

View of woods and meadow

First year's success -
Pedicularis canadensis

Chamaelirium luteum

Homage to our local Jefferson

Trillium beauty in the hand
of the beholder

Installation made so much easier with sheet mulch beds

Nettles & violets

A happy crew of proud stewards

Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart.

~Russell Page

Read about the project.

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