Ninth Annual Gaia Gathering for Women

May 1 - 3, 2015

Welcome to our Ninth Annual Gaia Gathering. Gaia is the Greek name for the Primordial Goddess of the earth. Today this word represents the truth that our Planet is our Mother who is alive and pulsing and beating and swaying with the rhythms of the universe.

This year we celebrate The Ninth Annual Gaia Gathering for Women. In Mayan culture, the number nine is very sacred and represents completion of a cycle. We have very special guests for this year and a ceremony that will honor all the years that we have celebrated Beltane and see how future Gatherings unfold.. Jude Christian will create her magical labyrinth once again. Please see the complete list of teachers invited as well as their offerings. We will post this by January 2015.

This weekend fills quickly as we are limited to only 100 Women. Fee for the weekend is $295. This includes Friday night to Sunday classes and activities, rustic lodging or camping and four gourmet, organic meals. We pride ourselves on wild, organic, outrageously wonderful food. From nettle soup, fermented beets, carrots and ginger to damiana brownies….well, just extraordinary. So while most other events will charge the fee and then food and lodging costs, we are truly working towards accessibility through our all-inclusive fee.

View the 2014 Class Schedule, Class Descriptions, and Teacher Bios (pdf)



Gaia girlsBringing Children:
While there is no childcare, you are welcome to bring your daughters of any age and your sons under four years old. We ask that you respect all classes and invite them to come with you if they are able to sit quietly. There is plenty of space for them to play yet they must be supervised at all times. We really encourage young girls and teens to be a part of this gathering.

Children under 2 are Free. Children 3 - 16 are $95 for the whole weekend.

Vendors are very welcome and encouraged to join our marketplace.
Please contact Suzanna Stone at



Note: No pre-registration needed for specific
classes only the weekend as a whole.

Online registration via Paypal now available!



Mountain Rose Herbs


Where I Come From Chlorophyll is Queen

Where I come from chlorophyll is Queen

She has always been the undisputed champion of the people

Prima Donna

Prima facie

One without challenge or vying contender

Spring of Springs

Holder of the living Scepter

We like it that way

She is Monarch

Conqueror, warrior and midwife

Delivering and protecting us

From sickness, pain and evil

Chlorophyllia the 1st since creation conception

The Divine Deity of Interceptors

Empress without dispute or correction

We call her the Green Queen

The Jade Reconciliator –Consigliore

En Domini Veritas Christos

Bringing peace and equity to the nation

As written in the manuscripts of her botanical scriptures

We are her progeny

We are her seeds

She is our milk

Our daily bread

The root of our existence upon which we lay our head

She is the God of Light reflected

Photosynthesis injected

In every thing on earth we see

In every living, breathing plant

In all the herbs of nature’s fields

In every tree that bears fruit

In every fingerprinted leaf

To chlorophyll we humbly kneel

And from our hearts

We give our thanks and praises

- Faybiene Miranda

© 2007 For Kathleen Maier – Sacred Plant Woman

weaving women




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