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Indigenous Wisdom Ways with Karyn Sanders

Karyn Sanders

June 27 - 29, 2014

leafKaryn Sanders has been described as the teacher’s teacher influencing so many practitioners and elders in the herbal field today. Sacred Plant Traditions is so excited to have her amazing teachings and deep and powerful medicine on the east coast.




leafFriday June 27, 10am - 3pm
Healing and Releasing Trauma, Pain and Victimness

In this class we will look at the different levels and realities of trauma. We will deeply explore our power in releasing trauma and re-covery. We will talk about different methods of ridding oneself of trauma and understanding this is now not a part of you. 


leafSaturday June 28, 10am - 4pm
Energetic Healing from an Indigenous Perspective

In this class Karyn will teach us how to look at illness from an indigenous perspective. We will look at how everything is energy and how to understand this reality in the physical as well as the emotional and spiritual realms. We will talk about just what is balance and the role of the client in their health.


leafSunday June 29, 9am - 3pm
Working with Animal Medicines

On our final day, we will learn how plants carry certain animal spirits within themselves. We will talk about when to use certain animal medicines and of the plants that carry different animals. We will be using song, herbs and meditation for each class.


Registration & Details:

One day only - $125.00

Saturday and Sunday - $225.00.

All three days - $325.00.

Deposit $50. Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE.

Please pack a bag lunch or there are great take out restaurants close to Sacred Plant Traditions. Herb teas will be provided and a welcome letter with directions will be sent upon receipt of your deposit.

Receipt of payment in full will be the only way we can assure your place will be held. This needs to be received two weeks before the workshop or we cannot guarantee a spot.

For a great rate on overnight accommodation check out the Alexander House at or call 434-327-6447. This B&B/Hostel is only three blocks from our center and fills very fast. Other accommodations will be sent in welcome packet. Hope you take this opportunity to learn some deep wisdom from a wonderful teacher!


Karyn SandersKaryn Sanders has been practicing herbal medicine and teaching from an energetic perspective for over 40 years. She was first trained traditionally in Native American plant medicine by her Choctaw grandmother. In her teens she apprenticed with a Mexican curandera and has subsequently studied with various traditional teachers as well as Western herbalists. Karyn hosts a live radio show, The Herbal Highway, that has aired weekly since 1996. She currently co-hosts the radio program with Sarah Holmes with whom she also runs an herb school, Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine, in the mountains of Northern California.


Online registration via Paypal now available!






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